Annabelle Chung
Name: Annabelle Chung
Affiliation: Dr. Julius No
Nationality: Jamaica Chinese - Jamaican
Occupation: Photographer
First appearance: Dr. No
Last appearance: Dr. No

Annabelle Chung is a supposed photographer employed by local Kingston newspaper, the Daily Gleaner; in reality she is employed by Dr. Julius No - to spy on James Bond.


Annabelle Chung first appears in the film at Kingston airport where she attempts to take a photograph of James Bond as he arrives in Jamaica. Bond, eager to keep his presence in Jamaica a secret, spots her in the act and manages to obscure part of his face.

She later tries to take another photo of Bond a as he is discussing plans Quarrel at a Jamaican calypso restaurant. This time she is spotted by Bond who orders Quarrel to seize her. Bond asks her who she is working for and she replies that she was working for the Daily Gleaner, a local newspaper in Kingston. When Bond asks the head waiter, Pus-Feller, to check it out, she is forced to change her story and confess that she was a freelance photographer.

She then attempts to physically harm Quarrel by cutting his face with a broken flashbulb from her camera. Quarrel seems unaffected and threatens to break her arm. Bond then destroys her film and she is set free, never to be seen again, after stating that the men will be sorry for their actions and "he" [Dr. No] with "get" them.