Jill Masterton
Name: Jill Masterton
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blonde
Affiliation: Auric Enterprises
Nationality: England English
Sibling(s): Tilly Masterton
Occupation: Secretary
First appearance: Goldfinger
Last appearance: Goldfinger

Jill Masterton was the private secretary and assistant to Auric Goldfinger.


Jill Masterton is employed by Auric Goldfinger as a private secretary as well as to help him win at cards and to be "seen" with him in public. She can see Goldfinger's opponent’s cards through her high-powered binoculars. She communicates via radio with Goldfinger (who receives the messages through a false hearing aid), telling him what cards his opponent has and what is going on in the game.

She is an intelligent and very beautiful woman who Bond thinks is too nice to be involved with Goldfinger. Jill enjoyed Bond's act of humiliating Goldfinger demonstrating her having little regard for her employer.

After Goldfinger's humiliation, she and James Bond make love as they take an overnight train up the east coast. Jill was later killed by Goldfinger revenge for the card game, and painted entirely in gold, his calling card. Bond later asks Goldfinger about her at Sandwich, where Goldfinger simply states she has "left his employ".

Bond does not learn of her horrible fate until he meets Tilly Masterton, Jill's revenge driven sister, in Switzerland.

Behind the scenesEdit

The bizarre nature of her death is explained as skin suffocation. Although attributed to have happened to cabaret dancers, the validity of actually dying from this method has been viewed as dubious.