Lisl Baum
Lisl Baum
Name: Lisl Baum
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blonde
Affiliation: Enrico Colombo
Nationality: Austria Austrian
First appearance: "Risico"
Last appearance: "Risico"

Lisl Baum is the love interest of James Bond during his attempt to stop the opium trade in Italy from reaching Britain.


The mistress of local smuggler Enrico Columbo, Lisl Baum is sent to extract information from James Bond. At a restaurant owned by Colombo, he and Lisl intentionally quarrel to attract Bond's attention, climaxing with her pouring a glass of wine over him and storming out in fury.

Bond, posing as a writer, avails of the opportunity to meet her and the pair share a ride to her hotel. He tells her he would be appreciative if she would tell him stories about drug smuggling in Italy as research for a book/screenplay he was writing, even offering her diamonds as an incentive. Lisl invites Bond to her meet her on a Venetian beach the next day.

As promised, Bond does pay her a visit the next day. He finds her sunbathing under a beach umbrella. A rather cautious and nervous sounding Lisl speaks to Bond of Colombo briefly before they are interrupted. Bond sees three of Colombo's men approach. He leaves Lisl and runs off down the beach, but gets caught by Colombo.

After Bond kills Kristatos and destroys his opium smuggling operations, Colombo tells Bond about a custom they have in uncivilized countries where a man will offer one of his wives to a friend he is indebted to. He gives Bond a hotel room key, and tells him that Lisl expects him there that evening.