Pussy Galore
Pussy Galore
Name: Pussy Galore
Eye colour: Violet
Hair colour: Brown
Affiliation: Cement Mixers
Nationality: United States American
Occupation: Gang leader
First appearance: Goldfinger
Last appearance: Trigger Mortis

Pussy Galore is a criminal gang leader, later an enemy turned ally turned lover of James Bond.



Miss Pussy Galore is the only woman in the United States that runs a gang. Initially a trapeze artist her group of women, "Pussy Galore and her Acrobats" were unsuccessful and were later trained as cat burglars. Her group grew into a lesbian organization known as "The Cement Mixers." In fact, Galore is a lesbian throughout most of the novel until the end of the book, where she falls in love with James Bond.

Her group is enlisted by Auric Goldfinger to aid in "Operation Grand Slam," disguised as nurses, in an operation that, if successful, would rob the U.S. gold bullion depository at Fort Knox of fifteen billion dollars in gold bullion. She and her gang were to be well paid for the heist, receiving a generous share of the net bullion gained.

After "Operation Grand Slam" fails, she escapes with Bond after he kills Goldfinger and his henchman Oddjob in an airplane. The two later dine together and Bond spends some intimate time with her.

Trigger MortisEdit

Pussy stays with Bond after the death of Goldfinger and accompanies Bond back to London to avoid investigations by the FBI and CIA. She takes up temporary lodging with Bond in his Chelsea flat and is shown the city's sights by Bond. However, much like with Tiffany Case, Bond's relationship with Pussy gradually deteriorates over time and strains start to show.

Later, after Bond had an evening dinner with Logan Fairfax, he witnesses Pussy being kidnapped by two men in a car. The pair race after her and eventually catch up with her and the kidnappers at a large Celtic stone monument in the countryside. There, Pussy is tied up and has her body covered in gold paint, similar to that of Jill Masterton in Miami. Bond hurls two makeshift Molotov cocktails at the men and rescues Pussy.

Bond and Logan rush Pussy to a nearby hospital. She is admitted and eventually recovers, both Bond and Logan visit her often. Eventually, Pussy is fit to leave, but to Bond's surprise, she takes off without saying goodbye to him with Logan.


O. F. Snelling refers to Pussy Galore as "...a frank and quite unashamed Lesbian. It takes a Bond to tum her heterosexual." [1]


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