Seraffimo Spang
Name: Serrafimo Spang
Died: August, 1953
Affiliation: Spangled Mob
Nationality: United States American
Sibling(s): Jack Spang
Occupation: Casino owner
First appearance: Diamonds Are Forever
Last appearance: Goldfinger (mentioned)

Serrafimo Spang is a Las Vegas casino tycoon and brother of London jewel expert Jack Spang. Together the pair head a criminal organization called the Spangled Mob, and are involved in the diamond smuggling trade.


Twin brothers Serrafimo and Jack Spang are the controllers of the Spangled Mob; a crime syndicate which operates widely in the United States. Together with Jack, Serrafimo establishes a diamond smuggling 'pipeline' reaching from Africa to North America via Europe.

Seraffimo Spang runs the Tiara hotel in Las Vegas which he owns and also operates it as the headquarters of the Spangled Mob. Seraffimo also oversees the smuggling operations of the Spangled Mob at the end of the pipeline, giving instructions to smugglers such as Tiffany Case and the Spangled Mob's chief enforcers, Wint & Kidd from Las Vegas.

After James Bond deliberately wins extra money with his payment fee at the hotel's card tables, Seraffimo has him kidnapped and dragged out to his own private ghost town, Spectreville. There, Spang likes to reside remotely in a "Wild West" themed surrounding.

At Spectreville, Bond is tortured by Spang's men and is exposed as a spy. However, Tiffany Case manages to free him in the night. The pair escape in a railroad inspection cart after Bond sets fire to the ghost town. Spang emerges, however and is on their tail in his private locomotive. Bond and Tiffany get off and switch the tracks setting Spang's locomotive down a side track into a mine. Bond shoots and kills Spang as his train goes past.

Behind the scenesEdit

Literary academic Jeremy Black criticised the characters of the Spang brothers for being unexciting villains in comparison to many of Fleming's other characters. He called him "little more than an effective hood" and notes the lack of any megalomania or unusual personality quirks common in other Bond villains.[1]


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