Founded c. 1300
Capital Bern
Locale Europe
Appearances Goldfinger
On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Switzerland is a small landlocked country in Europe geographically divided between the Swiss Alps, the Swiss Plateau and the Jura Mountains.


James Bond trails Auric Goldfinger to Switzerland during his investigations into his operations. On the way to Geneva, Bond runs into Tilly Masterton, who see Goldfinger make a dead drop of a gold bar, confirming that he's a SMERSH agent.

Goldfinger owns factory in Switzerland, where Bond figures out that Goldfinger is smuggling the gold via his car, which is supposedly armour-plated, but the armour is actually gold that's taken off, melted down, and recast for smuggling to India.

In 1960, Ernst Stavro Blofeld found refuge in Switzerland and attempted to pass himself off as Comte Balthazar de Bleuville. Bond travels to his facility in Switzerland, Piz Gloria, disguised as Sir Hillary Bray in an attempt to lure Blofeld out of Swiss territory and into a NATO country to be arrested.

After Bond escapes and discovers Blofeld's plan, an official action ruled out due to Swiss neutrality. Bond contacts Marc-Ange Draco to arrange a "demolition job" of Piz Gloria. Bond joins Draco and his Union Corse henchmen in a mercenary helicopter assault on the facility. The raid is successful and Blofeld is forced to flee Switzerland.